LZANE | 李泽帆(靓仔)

软件工程师,专注Web开发和数据科学 | Be all you can be

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我是谁 / Who I am:

我叫李泽帆 (@LZANE),目前的工作是一名前端工程师,毕业于中山大学,目前就职于腾讯CDC。热爱IT技术,特别专注于web开发和数据科学,想成为一个终生学习者。

My name is LI ZEFAN (@LZANE), graduated from Sun Yat-sen University, currently working as a front-end developer in CDC Tencent. I dedicated to Web Development and Data Science, and want to be a permanent beta learner

如何联系到我 / How to contact me: